Modern Bedroom Furniture v Fitted Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom, the sensational feeling it brings, after a long day at work. The bedroom has for all eternity been the one place one could escape the world, to have time on your own, to meditate or just have a rest. For me, I consider it the vital point of life. All important decisions about my life have been made here. Furniture on the other hand, has been with us since man started evolving, dating back from the e Neolithic period. Man has always striven to make himself comfortable in his habitat, from caves to present day enormous palaces. Nature you might blame for the necessity that brought this invention.

Combining the two words creates a kind of a component in the human way of life style that has evolved for generations. Bedroom furniture among other things is one of the most important components of any home. In present day, we classify the type of furniture as either the tradition bedroom furniture or the modern bedroom furniture. Both very different in terms of style, but serving the same task of bringing the comfort that a bedroom deserves.

Traditional bedroom furniture

This is the kind of furniture in a house that has a vintage touch. Technically, it means that it has a theme that belongs to the past. This kind of style has furniture that is quite specific and unique. The most important thing to note is that all furniture is arranged in symmetry. Everything is the room has a formal kind of arrangement that blends with the others. From the bed position, to the tables, the wardrobe, drawers, rugs, everything falls in perfect location. This gives it a formal look and a kind of a classic theme.

The bed is either varies from the classic sleigh headboard, to the deluxe spindle or the master-piece 4-poster or you could choose the master-piece group. Generally, these beds are made of hardwood like alder hardwoods or the northern red oak just to mention a few. Mostly the beds are handmade. As for the beddings, comforters, quilts, duvets or coverlets are preferred, this gives it a classic taste. The beds are also accompanied by pillow shams. The bed has bedposts which are engraved. The engraving gives a royalty theme. The designs are very exquisite and are carefully engraved. The look of the bed becomes totally magnificent. The traditional bedroom is characterized by a pair of bedside tables. This does not matter what kind of bed you actually own. The tables are a significant part of the bed. They are mostly used for placing items and mostly books after reading a chapter or two at night then retire to bed.

Every proper bedroom needs a dresser. In the traditional bedroom most people go for masterpiece dressers, or maybe or the treasure wing mirror. They both reflect the charm of your bedroom and at the same time providing the ample space you need. It makes you feel like you just stepped into George Washington’s bedroom or the queen guest bedroom. You definitely want that in your bedroom. The dressers mostly come with about ten drawers, center-lock, with velvet-lined jewelry drawer. Wow, that feels classic right. The drawers are mostly given an optional hand-brushed zinc.

For mirrors, the American Heritage mirror is the ideal choice, or maybe you can go for wall mirrors, or treasure wing mirrors. The vintage look such mirrors give is a breathtaking one, the look would be incomplete without a chest. Here most people opt for master-piece chest if you want to match with everything master-piece items you have already liked the bed and the dresser. You may also decide to change and make the treasure chest; mostly does the trick even with its name. There are others like the 3-drawer chest or the 5-drawer chests, all giving that same look you want. An occasional nightstand will also do the trick. It could be a 3 drawer, or the master-piece nightstand.

It should be noted that the furniture is always supposed to be smooth, plain and mostly wooden. The edges have to be soft. Occasional design may be put to enhance the look but it should never be too exaggerated. This will give you that feeling every evening like you just stepped back in time or something like time passed but it stood still in your bedroom.

People ask what kind of houses would be suitable to this kind of bedroom. I recently watched a documentary about Buckingham palace. It has such exquisite bedrooms you would wish you were royalty just to have one night on such a bed. But let’s face it, not all of us have a palace. But I could definitely call my home my castle since it took me a weekday morning wars from my bed to my work place to earn it. What am trying to say is that you can decide to customize your own home to look like time stood still in there. If you have a country home, it is a perfect place for such a bedroom. You may also put it in a cabin. No other style, even suits better there. A Victorian home also owns up the whole design. Others may include cottage homes, dogtrots, chalet, bungalow, Georgian mostly family homes.

This kind of bedroom gives the utmost sophistication and elegance. The bedroom is considered by many to show a classic look into people’s lives. Above all, the comfort it gives is amazing and for a bedroom it is perfect as that’s the one place you are sure to run away from the world and take a break.

Modern bedroom furniture

The modern bedroom is based on a modernized style. It dates back to almost 2 decades ago and its style is catching up and spreading quite a lot. The furniture is all same; the bed, mirrors etc, but the style is totally different from the traditional one. It has class, luxury and comfort all put together. The furniture is still mostly wood, but here it has a touch of stainless steel. The bed here is simple and at a low platform.

The bed’s width varies depending on your taste, but most are made quite wide. The types of bed in this category include platform beds, upholstered beds, storage beds and others. They give the theme of the new world, the new unlike the traditional beds, modern beds are simple. They don’t have a lot of engraving or such designs. The designers want to show the art in the bed as a whole and simply not use the bed as a medium. Modernization is what you could call it. The bedroom is characterized by a limited amount of furniture. The idea is to create enough space a good air circulation and perfect lighting. The bedroom has rugs and carpets on the floor. There is an occasional nightstand, which, unlike the traditional bedroom which the nightstand was an essential, here it is optional. It depends whether you have both space and willingness. The bedroom is also characterized with different colors to give it a nice touch.

The mirror in this case is designer made, very large for that matter. The minimization of number of furniture means that there is ample space for. Most people, however, love a couple of seats present in the bedroom this creates a mini lounge and thus a breathtaking view. Designs in this case are quite personal and thus it depends on your taste to create your own style. The setup here can be said to be very flexible. The dressers are of the modern designs in the market, mostly stainless steel with an occasional touch of softwood. The bedroom may also contain a cabinet, and drawers, all with flawless designs. With all these furniture it depends again with your taste in order to decide what to add and what to leave out. But I believe a well designed bedroom of this case should contain a good-sized closet to store the ever expanding wardrobe.

Where suitable for these kind of bedroom? If you own an apartment, it’s time you decided to style up. Eyebrow houses also suit this kind of bedroom. Manufactured houses are also beginning to come up this day and butting such a bedroom, it would look very nice. Most of these homes are found in urban areas. This is because the modern bedrooms are characterized with great views, lighting and a lot of air. This is comfort that is hard to find in the urban areas and thus it is suited for this kind of situations. The bedroom style is very classy and elegant and it’s very dynamic. It actually suits almost all kinds of ages, and working classes and that’s why it is liked so much. The cost of setting it up is not that expensive and in that case it is affordable. The fact that the style is flexible it gives the owner the choice of getting what suits him and leaving out all the rest. This kind of kind of choice is what makes the modern bedroom attract more people.

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