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7 Ways Fitted Bedroom Furniture can Improve the Look of Your Bedroom

fitted bedroom furniture

Deciding on the interior design of one’s home can be a rather overwhelming choice; for instance, choosing between freestanding furniture and fitted bedroom furniture. Today and in the recent past, a lot of homeowners have been recommending fitted bedroom furniture in place of its freestanding match.

Why is this? Well, we shall help you understand more about fitted furniture or what others refer to as bespoke furniture by discussing several ways through which it helps improve your bedroom’s appearance. These include:

1. Easy to Organize

Let’s call a spade a spade; a congested bedroom is almost always messy. Here’s where fitted bedroom furniture comes in, not only does it create practical storage solutions but it also easily adapts to multiple different functions. This ensures appropriate and efficient use of space making your bedroom neat and tidy. In addition, the ample space allows for proper airing giving your bedroom that fresh scent.

2. Fits perfectly

Fitted furniture gets its name from the fact that it fits in your bedroom like a solved jigsaw puzzle even if your bedroom might not be the normal, rectangular shape; or has difficult corners, slanted ceilings et cetera. This is because it is shaped to the precise details of the available space, giving your bedroom that elegant finish.bedroom furniture

3. Customization

The bedroom is not only where you sleep, it is more of a private den, where you can easily go about your personal business with minimal interference, so why not personalize it? In comparison to the off-the-shelf and other alternatives, fitted bedroom furniture will smooth the way for you to give your bedroom that personal touch.

Choosing the design of your fitted furniture involves deciding on the materials, styles, colors, fittings, fixtures, accessories, features and finish of the piece requested. Moreover, whichever theme you wish to have in your bedroom gets actualized.

4. Easy Maintenance

Most freestanding furniture like wardrobes leave big gaps of space at the sides, tops, and sometimes backs depending on the positioning. These empty spots often collect dirt, dust, and also create a hiding place for bugs and spiders. Other than these areas been unsightly, cleaning them can be quite frustrating especially while trying to reach the tops and corners.

Fitted bedroom furniture, on the other hand, is designed to fit perfectly on the free space ensuring no empty spaces are left. Therefore, accumulation of dust which can be a huge problem for someone with dust allergies is no longer an issue.modern bedroom furniture

5. Good Quality

Superior fitted bedroom furniture is made of high-quality materials skillfully hand made to suit your order. Furthermore, a number of furniture fitters offer a guarantee on their fitted bedroom furniture of even up to 5 years. This means no damage inconvenience as you will have invested in good durable quality furniture.

6. Extra space

Using fitted furniture in your bedroom provides plenty of extra of space that not only makes your bedroom more appealing but also enhances mobility and reduces minor accidents like hitting your toes on freestanding furniture. This extra space can also be used to exercise.

7. Adds to your Home Value

A time might come when you want to move and sell the house, fitted furniture will be an asset as it makes your home more desirable to prospective buyers who find it highly convenient.

In a nutshell, fitted furniture helps you utilize any available bedroom space that would have otherwise been left unused, changing your bedroom’s appearance for the better. The sources used in writing this article include:


written by: Gliceria Wanjiru

5 Ways You can Save Money at Furniture Stores

Let’s be honest – shopping for furniture is quite expensive. While we want to have the best things in life and in our home, the price may not always agree with us. But even the basic furniture items will often cost more than we expect. With that said, we’ve discovered a few tips on how to save more while shopping for furniture.

Check out these 5 ways you can save money at furniture stores.

Do Your Shopping Online

What most buyers don’t understand is that retail stores cost more due to their overhead costs. While shopping online has shipping fees, doing your research will show you just how much of a different one product may be online versus on store. while this may vary per site, online websites always cost less.

Look For Warehouse Sales

While it is always ideal to shop on sale, there are often daily deals that want to clear out of excess products out of a manufacturer’s warehouse. However, this is not ideal for those who don’t have the patient to wait. New products are usually released twice a year with two to three months of making room for the new season.

Opt For Brand fewer Names

Odds are you won’t find many deals on big furniture brands. In fact, most furniture companies are known to knock off ideas from one brand to the next. The same process also goes towards buying furniture.

Stick to Neutral Tone for Large Items

You might love a bright orange, but most customers enjoy orange rather than the traditional black, white, gray, brown, etc. This means that the bolder the color may be, the higher the price will go. Manufacturers sell more neutral tones than bold shades and produce them at a lower price.

Opt for Low-Cost of Free Shipping

While you can easily walk out with a new pillow or rug, most furnishings will require delivery that may cost you more than expected. Check to see if there is a minimum for free delivery and compare it to ALL-IN costs.

How do you save money when shopping for furniture online? Comment below and let us know!

Top 4 Tips on Purchasing Furniture Online

Want to purchase furniture and save the hassle while shopping online? Check out these 4 tips to help you shop online and get the most out of your purchase.

Tip #1 Double, If not Triple Check the Measurements Before You Order

When you are looking at furniture online, you will see that the description includes specific dimensions of the Width, Height, and Depth. You can use painters tape to help get the accurate measurements and dimensions to see if the item will fit before you order. It will help you determine whether the piece fits and the proper size of the product.

Tip #2 Consider Asking For A Swatch

Most companies will allow customers to order swatches for their products. Swatches can be purchases for many types of products that include fabrics, paint finishes, and wood grains.  You can always check with the store to see if they have another piece in the collection that offers the same swatch. While it may not be available for a dining table, it might be available in a chair for matching side table. As the two products come from the same line, it will be available to see the tones in person. Not only will the swatches cost less, it will also help you decide if you like the finish of the décor.

Tip #3 Call the Shop For More Inquiries

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about items you plan to purchase. Most companies are helpful in offering details about their products and inventory. The operator will be able to describe the piece in details and dimensions to give you a better description of the product.

Tip #4 Read the Reviews

Always check out the reviews to learn first-hand about the products. Users will not hold back on their reviews on the product. Keep in mind that while some may hate the product, others will have loved it and vice versa.


While online shopping is a great and convenient way to buy furniture, be sure to do your research before you order. Sadly, deals that seem too good to be true usually are.